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Business has slowed down for most of us, and for some it has come to a complete standstill. If you’ve already cleaned every room in your house, repainted the walls and redone the landscaping, then why not take a look at your businesses digital presence? Make the most of your opportunity to work on those often overlooked tasks and get ready to go back to business better than before. Here are a few simple do-it-yourself improvements that the team at Hopscotch Digital came up with to help the average business owner.

1) Review Your Website


With more people stuck at home, they are relying on your website to learn about your business and make purchasing decisions. It’s important to ensure your website is optimised to capture the highest amount of conversions and sales possible.

Website Images – View the images on each page of your website, make sure that they load correctly and quickly. Are they are recent images of your business and the images are good size and quality? Large image sizes could potentially lose lots of visitors who aren’t prepared to wait for it to load as well as make you suffer Google SEO penalties.

There are some great royalty free image websites available such as Unsplash and Pexels that we often use at Hopscotch Digital.

Website Links – Click on every link on your website. Ensure every link is still relevant and sends you to the correct place. Empty or incorrect links will make it difficult to navigate through your website.

Call to Actions (CTA) – Ensure your website has visible calls to action throughout the site, ideally CTA’s should be located on the top and bottom of every page as this is what prompts users to click through to the next step of your user flow.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Ensure your website utilises SEO. Make sure that your website features keywords within the URL, main heading, body content and that the rest of the content is relevant to your keywords. Add Alt tags to your images and use short, simple sentences. More advanced SEO can be done via a digital agency such as my agency, Hopscotch Digital, however you can still do small things to contribute.

2) Update Your Social Media:


Social media is often one of the first places potential customers find you. Your social media also provides the latest information to customers and can be used to build instant trust.

Review your account information – Read through each profile to ensure your information is up to date; such as your name, address, contact information, about section, extra content and links promoted on your page. You want to ensure that your customers can find your information as easily as possible.

Update your images – Update your profile picture, header images, featured images, etc. Use simple and recognisable images (like your logo) for your profile picture and use the same images across all of your social media accounts for brand consistency.

Link to your website – Link your social media to your website. This can be done in the about sections or in the header/footer of your website. This will make it easy for users to find your social pages.

Following – Use the opportunity to find great accounts to follow and engage with to bulk up your feed. This will also make running your business social pages more enjoyable for you.

Hashtags – Test what hashtags are working for your page and which aren’t. Double check you aren’t using any banned hashtags and are using 30 max on all instagram posts. (Some limited hashtags may not be what you think, #boho #brains #beautyblogger #humpday are all included)

Interact – Respond to comments and reviews posted on your page. This builds trust with your followers as they can see you care about what they say.

Set up a scheduled post manager – Now is a great time to research and compare which scheduling tool will work best for you. There are both free and paid options for this, with many offering free trials.

At Hopscotch Digital we use SkedSocial for all our Facebook and instagram scheduling needs as we love their platform and are always keen on supporting a local business.  

Source Content – Find stock images to save in a folder for later use. These stock images are great to fill in your feed when you don’t have enough content of your own.

Create a content plan – Begin drafting posts and making note of special occasions you need content for eg. holidays, upcoming sales, anniversaries etc.

3) Maintain Consistent Branding


Every viewable aspect of your business is a chance for your business to display your brand. Create a consistent message across your digital channels that align with your brand.

  • Is your logo correct on your website, socials, brochures, business cards, email signatures?
  • Ensure you are using the same font on your website and your print collateral. These should both be consistent with your official font for your brand.
  • Is your tone of voice consistent with your business message? Including how you respond to customers via email, phone, social media etc. This can be slightly modified this to suit each platform you are using. For example LinkedIn would have a more corporate tone compared to Instagram.

4) Increase Digital Advertising Return


Depending on your current situation, you may want to increase or decrease your ad spend or completely pause your ads all together.

Use this down time to evaluate your ad spend and find what worked best in order to gain the best return.  

Evaluate your ad performance – Determine whether you need to change your ad spends or ad copy to create a more cost effective digital ads campaign.

Read your ad copy – Read through your ad copy to check for inconsistencies, spelling errors or opportunities for improvement.

Review which platforms you want to advertise on – Are your ads more successful on Google, Facebook/Instagram or you can trial a new ad platform?

Following these simple DIY improvements, you can enhance your digital presence, ready for the return of normality.

Need to do more than a few DIY tricks? As the Creative Director at Hopscotch Digital with years of experience in Digital marketing and Design I can assist in developing your brand, building a new custom website and everything in between. The team at Hopscotch Digital can’t wait to give you a helping hand.