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Google Analytics is used to track website activities such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rates, etc… At Hopscotch Digital, we take that data to the next level. We analyze data generated from Google Analytics to create an ideal buyer persona for our clients. Let us show you how!

How do we add buyer personas to Google Analytics?

There are multiple (free) templates you can use to create your buyer persona. But what if you need more information? 

There are four different reports that you can generate from Google Analytics to learn more about your customers: location, demographics, behavior, and device report. 

Report 1: Demographics

Demographic reports in Google Analytics will show you the basic information about the age brackets and gender of users who are generating the most revenue for your business. This report is the first report we will go to if we need to adjust our buyer persona or digital marketing campaigns. 

To pull the Demographics report on Google Analytics, navigate to the Audience tab →  Demographics → Overview → Export Report

Report 2: Location

Voice, language, and locality, help you to understand, in detail, where your visitors are coming from and which locality generates the greatest amount of traffic and the highest rates of conversion.

You can see the Location report under the Audience section

Report 3: Behaviour

Behaviour report provides you information about session duration, page per session, bounce rates, etc… It will give us an idea of which content viewers are interested in the most. You can generate three different reports (New vs Returning, Frequency & Recency, and Engagement) or you can generate an overview behaviour report. 

To pull the report, go to the Behaviour tab → Generate report 

Report 4: Device

Google Analytics provides you information about the types of devices users are using and browsers used by users visiting your website. 

To pull the report, go to Audience tab →  Technology tab or Mobile tab → Generate report 

Limitation of Google Analytics

A buyer persona is more than just what Google Analytics can provide. It also needs to take into account your ideal customers, preferred brand and influencers, spending habits, and their pain points. Unfortunately, Google Analytics provides little information on that except for age, gender, interest, and the devices that users are using. 

Want to know what to do with your buyer persona? Are you experiencing issues with Google Analytics? We’re here to help!