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The Logotype: The logotype has been developed using traditional and ‘human’ typefaces originally used for large print forms. The fonts hark back to a time of handwritten signage found throughout a village market — exuding a certain level of hands-on humbleness. Consideration has been taken to ensure that the logotype can be adjusted to accommodate any future centres.

Colour Palette: The hero deep navy colour paired with a softer ‘eggshell’ is engaging and fun whilst reflecting a high-quality and premium service. Taking the creative direction into account, we have extended the colour palette to utilise a variety of bright yet slightly muted complementary tones.

Typography: Program OT has been selected as the brand’s headline typeface. There are a number of different weights and it has both a condensed and normal cut, offering a breadth in flexibility and customisation for unique and interesting graphic treatments.

Illustration Style: The illustrative elements have been derived from the various forms within the logo. The edges have been roughened to give it a tactile, cut-out feel and expression. This brings a welcoming and ‘hands-on’ feel to the brand, promoting a certain level of child-like joy and expressionism.


  • Website Build
  • Complete Copywriting
  • Branding (In Collaboration with Theory Agency)

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