Juice Technologies


Juice is an acronym for Join Us In Creating Enthusiasm – and is the mantra Juice required Hopscotch Digital to portray when branding them. Juice Technologies aid in delivering new technology solutions and building culture.

Juice Technologies portrays a fun and lively brand, so we needed to communicate that in their branding and website!

For their colour palette, we went for fresh and lively hues. A bold and vibrant colour palette will stand out amongst the existing companies, giving a strong presence and remaining flexible across multiple applications. The fresh colours paired with a bold, contrasting base give authority while remaining playful.

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  • Website Build
  • Complete Copywriting
  • Branding (In Collaboration with Theory Agency)
Juice Technologies Logo Branding
Juice Technologies Letter Mark
Juice Technologies ID Cards Mockups
Juice Technologies Landscape Mockups
Juice Technologies ID card Mockup
Juice Technologies Polos

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