The Cottage Ashmore


After recently acquiring The Cottage Ashmore, our client required a complete rebrand to match their change of name and new look. Based upon client brief, Hopscotch Digital formed a logo and brand development along with a stylish, functional website and social media platforms.

The Logo: To ensure that the logo we crafted was consistent in delivering a personable, playful and community feel, we looked to illustrate a custom typeface and marque. The organic circular shape that sits behind the cottage and trees can vary in colour and is a slight nod to painting and craft time that children so dearly love. The result is a slightly quirky, unique yet professional logomark that aims to promise on delivering a trustworthy, cosy and intentional child care experience.

Brand Pattern: To reiterate the communal and local atmosphere that The Cottage will be known for, we developed a pattern that further extended the house and tree illustrations. This pattern can be used across all collateral and is a perfect way to dial-up and down the creative expression of the brand. Our hope is to see this used for wallpaper, on tote bags and other merchandise that the centre will offer its clients.


  • Build a website
  • Develop a tone-of-voice through fresh copywriting
  • Establish a brand identity in collaboration with Theory Agency
  • Create Print Design artwork in collaboration with Theory Agency
  • Develop and implement a social media strategy
  • Develop and implement an ongoing digital marketing strategy

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