Eden Academy


Eden Academy is a new premium childcare facility opening in 2020. They required a complete brand development from the team at Hopscotch Digital, a website designed from scratch and a digital advertising campaign to push them prior to launch.

The Idea: Starting with the name as inspiration we began exploring the idea of gardens, trees and foliage. We liked the idea of using leaves as they have become a recognisable symbol for so much – they represent ‘environment’, ‘nature’ and being eco-conscious. So taking leaves as our building blocks, we looked to represent a sense of community that ties back to the brands’ core values. In order to further create a unique and recognisable marque, we also wanted to craft the leaves into a subtle ‘e’ for Eden.

The Logo: The resulting icon is sophisticated, clean and minimal – reflecting the brand name and it’s eco-credentials. The icon has a premium, quality yet friendly appearance and conveys a strong sense of unity and community. We have paired the icon with a clean, sophisticated wordmark that further emphasises the premium offering whilst maintaining a friendly and approachable tone.

Pencil Device: Wanting to add a sense of playfulness whilst still maintaining the minimal, premium aesthetic, we have developed a simple ‘pencil device’ that can be applied to brand materials. Using the brand colours, we would create a suite of ‘scribbles’ to be used sparingly across applications. This will add contrast to the brand’s clean lines and will inject some added personality without falling into common childcare visual tropes.


  • Build a website
  • Develop a tone-of-voice through fresh copywriting
  • Establish a brand identity in collaboration with Theory Agency
  • Create print design artwork in collaboration with Theory Agency
  • Create powerful AdWords campaigns
  • Implement Facebook marketing
  • Implement ongoing digital marketing efforts

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