Mooch Money

Human-to-human loans under $2k.

About The Project

The Client

Mooch Money is a Peer-to-peer lending service that allows Moochers to borrow directly from Investors on the platform. When you want to join your mates on that crazy weekend or invest in a self-care splurge, Mooch it. Make your spare cash work for you. Invest in community and get a bit back in return.

The Solution

Hopscotch Digital was approached by Ma’at Collective to create a website for their client, Mooch Money.  The design of the website was created by Studio Molasses and handed over to Hopscotch Digital to turn into a fully responsive website.

Services Deployed

  • Website Development
  • CRM API Form Integration

Website Development

Hopscotch was handed an incredible design from Studio Molasses for the website. The design was created in Figma as static images, ready for Hopscotch to bring to life. Using these designs and direction, we brought Molasses’ and Mooch’s visions to life and added on additional parallax effects and animations to give it that extra shazam.


Desktop and Mobile Mockups were created and sent through to Hopscotch Digital. This meant custom designing certain elements specifically for mobile as responsively from desktop they didn’t order or fit correctly. The outcome; a website made perfectly for mobile and desktop, with no corners cut.