Skydive Australia

Leading & loving the oz skydiving scene for over 20 years. Founded in 1998 by a pair of optimistic young mates.

About The Project

The Client

Founded in 1998 by a pair of optimistic young mates, Skydive Australia has grown in every way since its humble beginnings on a beachfront in Wollongong. Starting with just one single-engined aircraft, they quickly evolved into a well-known company and now boast 14 drop zones across Australia. The Hopscotch team was brought on board to execute a sharp new website to match their adventurous and lively brand persona. The result was a huge hit.

The Solution

Skydive Australia’s site was ageing. They were requiring a fresh updated look with some key requirements. Firstly, obviously it had to be easy to navigate and increase sales. Secondly the website had to be blazing quick as we all know seconds in load times are potentially lost customers. Finally the website had to be easy for the Skydive team to edit, without the risk of large errors.

To achieve all these requirements, Hopscotch Digital made a custom made WordPress theme. The theme was cut-back and as light as possible to ensure load times were minimised. We used minimal plugins and made most small features (such as popups) ourselves as again a way to minimise the amount of plugins required.

Services Deployed

  • Interactive UI mockups
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO best practices
  • Optimised for high performance
  • Optimised to work as a static website


“Over the past two years Hopscotch Digital have helped us to rebuild nine of our company websites including our major revenue driver, Skydive Australia. Since launching our new sites we have seen a significant increase in online revenue and a shift in direct bookings across all brands. Hopscotch has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with their excellent team.”

John O’Sullivan,
CEO of Experience Co.

Website Design & Development

When designing the Skydive Australia website, we wanted to create something unique that gives the user a sense of excitement as well as assisting users along the booking process.

We achieved this with a solid use of video and imagery that really encapsulates the Skydive Australia experience. We want users to come to the website and get excited about Skydiving!

Mobile Optimised

Like most destination based tourism products, mobile dominates when it comes to website views. That’s why for Skydive Australia we put a huge emphasis on making the mobile experience as smooth as possible.