Reef Magic

Reef Magic operates day trips direct from Cairns to the Reef Magic activity pontoon located on the outer Great Barrier Reef.

About The Project

The Client

Reef Magic is steered by a small team of local experts offering Great Barrier Reef day tours with unmatched professionalism and knowledge of the reef.

It is owned by Experience Co Limited (EXP), an Australian owned company specialising in adventure and leisure tourism.

The combination of localised management and large-scale ownership allows us to share our dreamy cruises with more people, and continue expanding our efforts in ecotourism and reef preservation.

The Solution

Our solution was to deliver a website that was heavily image-focused, telling a story of adventure and memories through imagery. What better way to tell a story than through images, right?

Supporting the fun and lively imagery, was a strong focus on clear and precise customer experience.

We prioritised a clear focus for customers of all ages to easily book an experience, discover activities and dream of their next adventure with Reef Magic!

Did I mention imagery?

Services Deployed

  • Website Design & Development
  • Improved User Experience
  • SEO

Brand & Website Design

Reef Magic was developed to inspire a sense of exploration and wonder. We focused on utilising imagery to communicate customers experiences, and what new customers can expect when they choose Reef Magic for their next holiday or day out.

Customer experience has seen a much needed improvement, with the ability for customers to book instantly, or to browse about the activities on offer – whilst being inspired and excited by imagery taken on each experience.

Mobile Optimised

Like most destination based tourism products, mobile dominates when it comes to website views. That’s why for Reef Magic we put a huge emphasis on making the mobile experience as smooth as possible.