Maria Island

The Maria Island Walk is a multi-award winning scenic walk off the east coast of Tasmania and is one of the Great Walks of Australia.

About The Project

The Client

The Maria Island Walk is a multi-award winning four day guided walk off the coast of Tasmania, spotting rare wildlife and venturing through breathtaking scenery. Wild Bush Luxury, the company providing the walk, were seeking a beautifully crafted booking and information website to reflect the nature and scenery of the experience to match, wanting to take bookings and provide more information for interested prospects.

The Solution

The project bloomed with a combination of soft organic colours, beautiful local flora background stencils and paired serif typography to accentuate the uniquely Tasmanian feeling. A central focus was placed on photography allowing the scenic vistas and charming fauna to shine and capture viewers. A journal section was integrated along with walk requirements along with date and time availabilities and a booking system.

Services Deployed

  • Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

A clean design was utilised to take advantage of the beautiful Tasmanian landscapes and fauna. A booking system was integrated to enable viewers to check availabilities and place reservations, a journal was also created for the company to write, manage and publish articles to educate and insight viewers further.

Mobile Optimised

Making the mobile experience as smooth and seamless as possible was a priority to capture users as most destination based tourism products see considerably more views on mobile than desktop.